True Or False FR XueEr – Smooth White Complexion with pinkish nipple

Her complexion is very smooth and fair, her voice is coarse and sexy. I choose her immediately when I see her at the counter and lucky me she is available. Her massage is good and she put in efforts to massage and ease my soreness… she concentrates on my shoulder, neck and waist. After a good rub of 30 mins… she starts to work on my butt…  squeeze a lot of oil and drool it down my crackass valley… oh you can feel the coldness of the oil slowly flowing down to my crater….

Then she start to rub into my valley, gently, smoothly… I lift up my buttock slight… her hand is like a snake… going in very fast to grab my two peaches.. then surf it round and round… moving it very gracefully, the feeling is heaven!

I push my buttock higher almost to doggie style… then she starts to fingering assrim me… then she starts to catbath me northwards from my spine up to my neck.. I turn my head around… then we French like long lost couple… she starts to stroke my bro as we are Frenching…  this time round… “he” is getting even harder… Continue reading “True Or False FR XueEr – Smooth White Complexion with pinkish nipple”

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