Snow White ML Chen Chen

New ML in town definitely will wanna try try. Her name is Chen Chen, spotted her because of her white and fare skin, can’t wait to see more.. hehe

Her massage and service are excellent, not only she knows the point to press, she is also very chatty and teasing. Noticed that she kept bend down in front of you and you will notice that she wears nothing more than her dress, and her pretty white skin turns me on instantly.

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Xin Yuan – can let cum in her mouth want try?

Anyone fascinated about Cumming in my GFE mouth, she just will not go for it. sometimes when she will just give me a BBBJ !!! I just want to do it and cum in her mouth but I am afraid because she has said if you ever do that to her she will never give me BBBJ again, that’s a scary thought, I try to sometime ……. But Xin Yuan will give it to me every time !!! Continue reading “Xin Yuan – can let cum in her mouth want try?”